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Angel Nutritech Yeast Selenium

Angel Nutritech Yeast Selenium
Product Detailed
1.Yeast Selenium is more easily absorbed by body. 2.Yeast Selenium reduces the toxicity of inorganic Selenium.

Descriptions of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Selenium Capsules:

[Ingredients] Selenium-enriched yeast; Vitamin C;

[Nutritional Labeling]

100g Yeast Selenium Capsules contains 66.7mg selenium, 33.3g vitamin C;

[Function] Selenium supplement; nutritional intervention for cancer, chronic cardiovascular disease and infertility & aphoria etc.;


"Angel Nutritech" Yeast Selenium Capsules cannot take the place of medicine.

It is not suitable for being used with other similar nutritional supplements.

Not suitable for infants under 9 months;

Allergic constitution people should use cautiously;

[Usage and Amount] One capsule a day (the amount could be adjusted in accordance with the suggestions of doctors and nutritionists)


[Storage] Keep in dry and cool places; sealed preservation;

[Shelf life]24 months; Features of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Selenium Capsules:

1. Functions of Selenium:   (1) Selenium can prevent cancer metastasis and reproduction of cancer cells;

  (2) Selenium can also reduce the side effect of chemotherapy and help building up resistance;

  (3) It can prevent atherosclerosis and cardio-cerebral infraction and also can decrease the risk of thrombosis.

2. Features of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Selenium Capsules:

  (1) Biological selenium is contained in our yeast selenium capsules: Yeasts autonomously absorbed inorganic selenium during growing process, and as a result the inorganic selenium is converted into biological selenium.

  (2) Our yeast selenium capsules can effectively overcome preoxidization and as a result greatly improved the efficiency of selenium supplement.

  (3) The complex compound of amino acids and trace elements (for example Angel Nutritech Se-enriched Yeast) has a good structure-directional-mechanism; and the vital organs of human body, making use of this mechanism, can take priority to use selenium to synthesize proteins; (the mechanism is not applicable to inorganic selenium);

3. High security and has no side effects for its high biological absorption and bioavailability;

4. The containing of vitamin C in our yeast selenium capsules further improved the selenium supplement effect. Comparison table:

300mg×90 capsules in each bottle;

Selenium supplement productsInorganic seleniumBiological selenium
Representative componentsSodium selenite; sodium selenate;Se-enriched teaSelenium-enriched yeast
Advantages and disadvantageslow absorbability; and high toxic side effect-The selenium content cannot be precisely controlled; -Little amount of selenium dissolved in water; -Other harmful elements like Pb and As etc. are also usually contained in the tea.High selenium content and has no side effects.
Suitable forNot suggested to be used for selenium supplement by people.All people

The combining use of "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Selenium Capsules and one or more of the following related products will give a functional nutritional meal, for example:

1. Combined use with "Angel Nutritech" nutritional yeast and yeast glucan capsules: effective nutritional intervention on tumor patients during their treatment;

2. Combined use with "Compete" Yeast Zinc Capsules: effective nutritional intervention on infertility;

3. Combined use with "Angel Nutritech" Yeast Chromium Capsules: effective nutritional intervention on cardiovascular diseases;

Selenium-enriched yeast is a good choice of healthy food manufacturers for producing related products.

Angel Nutritech Yeast Selenium

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